One Last Sunset



One Last Sunset is an adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic Wild West that we’re making with the occasional help from friends (see below for the list) and is such a meaty beast that is has its own tumblr here.

We consider the game to be an adventure-RPG, taking problem solving and exploration from the former and combining them with sandbox elements, choice and consequences from the latter. All rolled in with a ticking clock goal – you have only a 72 (in-game) hour window to get find and kill the man who betrayed you.

Our goal is to create a game that explores a region more thoroughly than most RPGs can, within a playtime that is accessible to those who can’t throw 40+ hours at the heavy-hitters of the genre. We’re having a lot of fun putting it all together. The world is fun as hell to work in, inspired by art we like, cool characters we meet in real life, the Wild West, lots of other indie games and, of course, all things post-apocy out there. We’re even playing around with a table-top RPG version of the game.

It’s a passion project, so it’ll take a while to complete but we hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we will 🙂

We get by with a little help from our friends

  • Eoin helped with production and marketing
  • Ben drew the first wave of characters and locations
  • Tara drew backgrounds for us

A big thanks from us to them 🙂
If you like the look of the game and want to add your artistic or musical hand (or other skills we haven’t thought of, get in touch!)

Canterbury Tiles


ExampleBoardCanterbury Tiles is a puzzle game sharing both real-time and turn-based mechanics, aimed for mobile and web.

While we envision it having both single and multiplayer modes in time, right now we’re focused on the single player version, which sees the player trying get their four knights home in as few moves as possible, by sliding tiles around and building paths.

For now, players just play against their own score, trying to improve upon it with each play, but we aim to have scoreboards, versus modes and more in the final build.

The art is from the wonderful Fred Mangan and audio from the talented Brian Brennan.



Bannermen is a card game wherein the players are the main powerhouses in a region which is under attack from an invading force. They all have to work together to survive the invasion, while also working against one another to have the greatest powerbase when things return to normal. It combines bluffing, negotiation and gambling mechanics as you protect your land, send troops to fight the enemy or steal land from under one another’s noses.


We’re in the middle of playtesting while artist Bryan Keane draws us lovely cards, so fingers crossed we get to a point where we can share something playable soon!

Panda or Monster?



We made this one evening to (a) have something to bring to 1GAM the following day, (b) make something small to put on the android store in order to learn its process and requirements and (c) for Dave to prove to Tracey that we can design small games 😉

We used music by @ClockworkOrch and open source art (panda by @danielmahon, monster by BeatEmorBurnEm), which we mangled together with our own creations as best we could.

At the time of writing, Tracey has the top score of 29 points.

Panda or Monster can be downloaded for Android here.

The Novation Contingency


node-snapshotA Twine game Dave made as part of Global Gamecraft’s Derry 2013 jam.  The theme was the Joyce Cary quote:

“Reality becomes a prison to those who can’t get out of it.”

It’s a first draft (it felt like cheating to redraft a gamejam game after the event), so please forgive spelling errors and such. Also be warned that it contains profanity and is probably a bit grim. Anyway, warnings aside, you can play it here.