About Us

Hello. We are the Spiderwinkles, Dave and Treasa. We make things* separately, together, and with friends. They make up a chunk of the Irish game dev studio, Spooky Doorway.

In the past they’ve done work for Greenheart Games, Story Beasts, Psychic Software, Trinty College Dublin, Goodgame, BatCat Studios, Pfizer, and the Science Gallery.

*mostly analogue and digital games, but also other things like mead, music and, this one time, a baby.

Treasa is a programmer and designer. They/She write/s music and poetry.

See Treasa’s Instagram and, less so, Twitter for updates.
Dave is a writer and designer who likes silly things and makes mead once in a while.

Dave is on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where he says and does very little.
Check out Treasa’s projects here.Check out Dave’s projects here.