Simon the Sorcerer 6: Between Worlds

A sequel to the much-loved adventure game franchise.

We worked with StoryBeasts on a new instalment in the Simon the Sorcerer franchise. Our plan was to set it 25 years after the popular first and second games and side-step the third-to-fifth instalments, all of which were met with a lukewarm reception.

The game was intended to be episodic (ala the Telltale series or the newer King’s Quest) and took place in both the fantasy world of the original games and a parallel universe where Simon’s opposite Simone, lived. Simone, being his opposite in almost every way, was good at magic, which added a new mechanic into the game which, along with a ‘changes in world A are reflected in world B’ gameplay dynamic, would have had players facing some pretty unique and interesting puzzle

Sadly the game didn’t get made due to funding and publisher difficulties.